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All about Pissonmyhands

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Somewhere far off in the not so distant future
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Get some minerals, gather Vespene, build some Pylons, warp in Zealots, kill some Zerglings, upgrade weapons, micro-manage, take an expo, build some cannons, drop some forcefields, blink up some cliffs, get Observers, see the whole map, make some Phoenixes, harass Overlords, break some rocks, use the towers, use Immortals, they never die, kill more Zerglings attack the Terran @ their main "aww man their too strong retreat!", run home, Templar Archive, drop some Psi Storms, turn into an Archon, drop some DTs, kill some workers, warp in a Mothership, make a vortex, recall units, die to Vikings, make some Collosi, shoot some lazers, godamn Vikings!, attack the Zerg, run into a Baneling, now i'm dead!
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Like a Toss
Rank: You Got a Blue Star!
You Got a Blue Star!
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