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 Melee Advantage Over Ranged

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PostSubject: Melee Advantage Over Ranged   Thu Nov 12, 2009 4:59 pm

I have noticed a bug, I don't belive you will be able to fix this bug short of triggering all the abilitys, which is just a pain to do, but I still wanted to let you know about bug.

This bug has to do with critical strike, bash, and avatar and rather the unit is melee or ranged.

If a ranged unit attacks a avatared unit it will not be able to critical strike or bash the unit. Reason being is because with ranged heros both bash and critical strike are considered magic abilitys.
(This also brings another problim into the mix, a ranged hero's critical strike will be reduced by the magic reduction of the items.)

Now with melee hero's it is defrent, there attacks are not magic based, so they are able to critical and bash a avatared unit and the item magic reduction has no effect on damage.

Put simpley Melee>Ranged.

If you doubt me on this it is easy to try for your self. Very Happy
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Master Spammer
Master Spammer

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PostSubject: Re: Melee Advantage Over Ranged   Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:29 pm

Actually its a little weird Im not one for mechanics but have read into bash and crits.

Although Crit will not trigger on avatar units its only reduced by physical damage reduction
Although Bash will not stun you still will deal the bonus damage reduced by physical damage reduction. No Bash or Crit can Trigger on the same attack.

Melee (well you right melee just kicks ass rofl though they cant really kite)
Crit will trigger if avatared or not
Although melee units still stun the added damage they do is magic hence reduce by magic reduction

The question then becomes exactly what magic damage does avatar block its a known fact avatar does not make one immune to all magic damage so does a Melee hero with Enhance Magic Attack or Pulverize still deal the bonus damage? For examples of abilities that are clearly reduced by magic reduction but still damages avatared units look no further then most of the ultimates, in some cases it blocks damage but not the ability.

Messing with some of your heads a little in all honestly I have no clue about what Im talking about or do I?
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Ohh Captain our Captain
Ohh Captain our Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Melee Advantage Over Ranged   Thu Nov 12, 2009 7:24 pm

yeah, believe it or not.. the mechanics of ranged and melee bashes and crits are posted on the forums... 7-8 times. like.. seriously... 7-8 times... and everything posted here.. and i mean, EVERYTHING, has been said at least 5 times.

glad we could have this talk though.

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PostSubject: Re: Melee Advantage Over Ranged   

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Melee Advantage Over Ranged
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