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 mana shield

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Brilliant Player
Brilliant Player

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PostSubject: mana shield   Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:45 pm

skill info: activates a shield that absorbs
1.25 points per level of your mana instead
of your hp

really good for int thats the best choice your retarded if you use on a agility or strength

General Info:
almost like a reincarnation because once you run out of mana its like you revive but only with hp no mana.

Skill Usage:
works really well if your mana is higher than your hp but mana vortex rapes the crap out of it now so idk if you should pick it. Good late game and mid game because you take no damage but loose mana so you only use your mana for creeping not for duels. It works well with restore mana its like a rejuvenation but its for your mana which is almost like your hp if you get mana shield but its one of the top ultis ill say..
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Master Spammer
Master Spammer

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PostSubject: Re: mana shield   Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:57 pm

In some cases its almost better then reinc though not really.

The Advantage is of course the high amount of regen to Mana offered by the items. Shell of The Mana Goddess is like 40 regen some would say so what Staff of the Holy Protector gives 30 the difference is Mana Sheild is offering Damage Reduction which allows Mana Sheild users to go all Damage aka Glass Cannon Approach and still be Tanky in other words hard to kill. Not the best strategy though it is doable.

50% damage reduction or what about +21 Armor worth of reduction and thats the first level.
50% Spell reduction not too bad. When you hit level 24 your damage reduction of the sheild is equal to that of the Immortals Sheild and with an item like Shell of the mana goddess giving +7000 Mana and giving like 40 mana regen you have yourself a very hard to take down hero (if you dont have the right items that is)

Skills that synergise really well with mana sheild strictly defensively speaking.
Evasion,Befuddle,Defend,Mana Restore,Brillance Aura, Bash,.

Very common build but there is a little contrevery on who the originator is
Fire Ward,Befuddle, Gaurdain Ward, Mana Sheild tip to the wise if you want to claim a build just write the guide in The Build Section and be done with it no build keeps secret and everybody steals it Jar knows what Im talking about. Oh if you want a good example on how its ran I think some guy posted a replay of it in Kons topic an unpleasant experience where he was using the wards and befuddle to draw agro of the archons and farming I think 2 of them at the same time.

Edit: Oh yea some counters to watch for (Mana Vortex is a little obvious)
Feed Back (The Damage goes right through your mana sheild and straight to your hp)
Mana Burn (Its in Misc this litterally pawns your mana sheild) Instantly wipes your sheild at times.
Hex (hex is a bit of a bug sometimes it causes you sheild to malfunction like the activation before duel bug)
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mana shield
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