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 Ultimate- Locust Swarm

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Master Spammer
Master Spammer

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PostSubject: Ultimate- Locust Swarm   Fri Oct 30, 2009 8:41 pm

Skill Info: Locust Swarm sends out hordes of deadly locust which attack enemies and restores life and mana to their master. Locusts Destroys all summons when locust swarms out. Amount of damage locust do, life and mana return increase as the skill levels. Locusts Lasts 40 seconds.

Background: Probably an ultimate that is heavily underrated by the pros and overrated by the noobs. This skill is what it is. Jack of all Trades but a master of none.

General info: A decent farming skill/dueling skill can help you stay out longer or regen enough mana to use one of your skills again or two times. The term Jack of All Trades but a master of none fits so well here. The skill farms pretty good but doesn't instantly wtf pawned like skills like Wraith of Hell does. Regens HP but no where near the amount that any of the healing skills do, regen mana but not quite as much as any mana regen skill does put it all together and you have Locust the Jack of all Trades but master of none. In duels it can deal a decent amount of damage (hp and mana heal is decent too) if ignored and also puts a stop to some of those annoying strategies like Wards or Skeles or Wolves Bone Wall etc. It will instantly pawn them just click attack. The biggest thing this skill has over the others is its low cool down you can get about 3 casts between each duel.

Skill usage: This is one of those skills that should be used each and every time its cooled down. It will damage nearby creeps, return hp and mana. Use it with a farming skill that doesn't require channeling (Locust attack what you attack or around that area). Refrain from wards or if you got to use them or random etc.. place them off to the side where theyre out of range of your locust but can still attack or slow or whatever. Not a good idea to use summons with this skill. If you random them send them over to an allies area expect to hear grips give them 100-200 gold to shut the fuck up.

Im sure Im not doing this skill any justice but I dont want to blow smoke up your asses and tell you its the I win skill of the game because it aint however its not as bad as some would like to make it either.

-didnotmenato (sleep with your girlfriend)
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Skilled Player
Skilled Player

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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate- Locust Swarm   Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:24 pm

2 strats that i will be using when i get this this ulti are :

1. When againsting melee hero, in low hp they just cast the spell and run like hell when the melee opponent is chasing them, letting the locust took out half of the opponent's hp.

2. Cast it once there are summons or wards.


And i seriously think glorn lengthened the cool down of it back to 3 mins or so, cause i can only cast it 2 times between duels now.
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You Got a Blue Star!
You Got a Blue Star!

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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate- Locust Swarm   Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:19 pm

this skill works on pretty much any build that doesnt involve summons
it doesnt really have any strong points and no weak points either like didnot said, so whenever you just cant think of an ultimate to get instead of dropping reinc on it or avatar, try this skill for a change its really useful.
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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate- Locust Swarm   

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Ultimate- Locust Swarm
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