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 Did you know?

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Master Spammer
Master Spammer

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PostSubject: Did you know?   Sat Oct 17, 2009 12:33 am

Hey everybody Im doing the purposely most idiotic +1 post topics Imaginable. So if you already knew this stuff this is a huge waste of your time.

Did you know the enemy's Rag Portal Tele Ports you to the middle of the map? Ever Grabbed the Flag and noticed you have no shot in hell of getting out of there alive. Run to Rags Portal and you will survive however you drop the flag.

Did you know that damage return doesnt return crit or bash damage? Damage Return can only return a % of your base damage, it wont ever returned those red damage numbers.

Did you know you can stack the camps? This can be to your favor or disadvantage, Volcanoe steal anyone? Main Problem is somebody on my team steals it. Or is at the camp preventing me from doing this. Images are your best friend for camp stackiing. (Camps are those spots creeps hang at I think there is like 8 stackable camps the 9th camp infront of archon door cant be stacked) Best mode for this trick creep extreme.

Did you know damage return is magic? Set Armor to heavily reduce the damage anyone?

Did you know splash doesnt miss?

Did you know Hex counters evasion? You cant miss critters.

Did you know items ability such as purge, stoned (dont know what to call stone orb sorry) splash, frost, bash still proc while using Death Pulse? After further testing only fire orbs splash will deal damage.

Did you know damage return stacks? 3 or more Helms anyone?

Did you know that -tips is a very common command in many games? Do you know what happens when a player jumps on to a bot and is red and types -tips during the choosing skills part? Answer It will show you the Victory condition message and as soon as the game starts Fatal Error do you know what the cause of this is? A long time ago Custom Hero Arena use to have a time limit function where only 3 commands where exceptable -t 60, -t 120 and I forget the other needless to say if a host types -t any thing it will crash the game. On the plus side it was a handy trick to use when you had a glitch no duel timer as this trick would make the duel timer pop up. The duel timer thing didnt always work though. (The time game is my assumption I really dont know why it crashes so I assumed it had to do with that)

Did you know there is actually a very useless command in custom hero arena? Know what it is? -Debug type it and be annoyed for the rest of the game.

Did you know the Way gets to the elements teleport you to the center when you go in and out of them? Very useful for juking the enemy when fleeing for your life.

Did you know if you dropped the captured enemy flag on your peon and if it takes it to the cirlce you get no reward? So dont be lazy take the extra steps yourself.

Did you know that capturing the flag not only handicaps you and the enemy but your allies as well? Im not too sure if this is still true for 3.0 however.

Have to go sorry will come up with more later or perhaps not this is too stupid.... lol!

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PostSubject: Re: Did you know?   Sat Oct 17, 2009 9:31 am

What do you mean you can stack the camps?
what is a camps? haha sorry I don't know =/
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Ohh Captain our Captain
Ohh Captain our Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Did you know?   Sat Oct 17, 2009 1:51 pm

Yes, item procs still happen when death pulsing. fire orb is the best, because it deals damage. Crits will appear, but do not deal damage. Bash damage happens, as does the bash. Orb affects happen, but fire is the only one that will deal damage, and the damage is dealt in splash damage, which is pure, but doesnt affect the main target of your attack.

Also, damage return on helm of the war god stacks. Grab 4 of them, scepter of primarch, and immortals shield, and you can farm the 3rd (paladin) archon easily. holy light is a big help too.

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Master Spammer
Master Spammer

Posts : 451
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PostSubject: Re: Did you know?   Wed Oct 21, 2009 2:05 pm

To stay on theme of my topic....

Did you know that Melee bash damage stack completly even when they all trigger at once? In other words 3 staffs on melee rape hard. I have on occasion gone 3 staffs instead of 3 axes or 3 swords like the masses like to whack off to. However vs. Oponents who have say Avatar or other magic immune the damage out put on your staff is not quite as high as the swords or axe but still 3000 HP not to shabby not to mention nukes and bash damage dont underrate the staffs they do kick ass mainly on melee heros though.

Did you know Melee bash damage is magic?

Did you know that Melee Bash and Crit are completly independent of each other? In other words they dont override each other when they trigger at once. Crit will not amplify the melee bash damage however.

Did you know that for range hero's that have bash and crit like effects only the last attained effect will trigger.

Did you know that Melee can bash Avatared Units but deal no extra damage?

Did you know that Range cant bash avatar units but can still deal the bonus damage? reduced by physical armor of course.
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PostSubject: Re: Did you know?   

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Did you know?
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