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 Bombs go with every thing!

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Blue Balls
Blue Balls

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PostSubject: Bombs go with every thing!   Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:24 am

Hello randomloser here obliging Wrathtoruin's request to post a more builds. Now I've got no problem with that except to say I don't really have a build.  (>~?~)> My strategy is simply typing -random.  "B-b-but random can't you just give a strategy on how to play that?" Sure except that every build is played differently and item paths vary from hero to hero...  Except one possible template que music

The Build
-random (>^_^)>  ~?~  ~?~ ~?~ ~?~ ~?~ ~?~ <(^_^<)
Doesn't really matter....

Mana Lite Agility/Strength/Intell
agility/intell/strength cloak (not the right name? well fuck you the +5 stat to your main attribute one for 300 genius)
magic shield
infused cloak/ tiara / or gauntlet whatever...
assassins garb/intell/strength equivalent thereof
~Duel 1~
Sell weak sauce bombs
Buy slightly stronger grade of bombs
Buy 4300 stat item and save money for large bombs...
~Duel 2~
Sell by now what's left of those weak sauce bombs
Large Bomb ~duh idiot ffs~
Mid Recipe Item upgrade to whichever (make sure it gives enough needed stats to run your build)
save for Goblins...
~Duel 3~
Well gee we have goblins now are we strong enough to kill bosses? If the answers yes sell your full 10 stock goblins for 11000 gold and buy another mid recipe item.

If no...

Cast goblins and farm more items but for the love of god save that last charge...

~Duel 4 bla bla~

Whats left 3 maybe 4 charges?
Farm up 2 more camps buy items..
Kill fire make Massive and sell it fully stock for 22000 gold congrats you made it to late game ^_^.


Will finish this later tired...
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Ohh Captain our Captain
Ohh Captain our Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Bombs go with every thing!   Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:40 pm

Strange that bombs have only been nerfed over the past 4 years, yet they keep becoming more popular ><

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Blue Balls
Blue Balls

Posts : 785
Join date : 2009-07-06
Location : A little south of sanity

PostSubject: Re: Bombs go with every thing!   Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:21 pm

To be fair no one uses them in this way except for me. The template is legit and should get any build to late game no matter what it is. However due to being slightly underwhelming in the stats department the trade off is you may lose a few early duels or possibly all of them.

Special mention in a 3 vs 3 which is what this templates timing is designed for make sure you're the only bomber on the team. If your whole team is trying this you're probably going to fail.
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PostSubject: Re: Bombs go with every thing!   Wed Aug 12, 2015 2:46 am

Bomb items are more considered as an secondary damage sources even when you have a farming skills; Offense and Summon spells. (From my point of view).

To be a little more specific, advance players used them under these condition.
-Provide a secondary damage source with summon skills
-Provide a strong farming potential before 1st duel.
-Counter hyper-gank build by killing your spawn faster

Although getting tiara (Decent mana item) as starter is also a good choice for optional item that can be build into late game (Immortal items)

Personally, a power late game build like Pure Crit/ Pure armor reduction/ 4x stuns skills can be very difficult to translate it into late game, because most experiences players can divided their funds through early-mid-late game without having to sell a sin
gle items or transform it into something else... (Resell).

To be short, even if you can reach late game with pure build. It is still impossible to win against players with high stats (20k+ above) + 4x immortal rings/armor/boot. BLAST! (Just a theory, but I'd imagine it'll take like 3 hours at least to hit that kind of stats.. O.o)
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PostSubject: Re: Bombs go with every thing!   

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Bombs go with every thing!
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