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 Inside the Fire

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PostSubject: Inside the Fire   Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:27 pm

Runner (Vengeful Spirit to some of you dota players)

The Build
HP Bonus
Doom Roots

Frenzy is an ability we want to invest about 3-4 points into. So take a point of it at level two another at level 6 and another at level 10.
Taunt is going to be our main combo with Blaze we going to take 1 point at level 4 and then off level after we have invested those 3 points into Frenzy.
Blaze is our main source of dps we take as many points into that whenever possible
Doom Roots is a skill I use because it's awesome. Definitely take this whenever it is possible. Very underrated due to the fact that divine shield is a semi popular pick.

Why these skills
If you haven't guess from the title of the build this builds intention is to flag run. Flag running is a high risk and moderately high rewarding strategy. Through the high speed given by frenzy and items to the disables provided by the means of taunt and doom roots you have the makings of a pretty good build.

This build is very highly dependant on your allies not being afk/retarded. It's possible to be successful with maybe 1 afk/retard however if you got 2 you can run into some trouble. Aside from that switches can be a problem because provided your allies are not completely retarded they will be slightly richer then you are. In a way when running this your basically indirectly pooling your allies as it's more to their benefit then yours. And of course who can forget good old Lightning/Stone + Poison probably on some Avatard to completely sign your death warrant of the ultimate gg aint a damn thing you can do. Some may say divine however taunt and blaze tends to force them to use it thus leaving them wide open to doom roots. Or they're saving it for doom roots and eating the full effect of taunt and blaze either way its a win win. Also taunt can force them to eat some of doom roots duration as they lose control of their hero during the effect.

How to play
Farm with blaze so main level that ability. Initially your setting yourself up to achieve your core build of 3 points of frenzy with 1 point of taunt. You may want to hold that second point of blaze so you can squeeze an extra creeping spawn in the beginning. Once you have 3 point frenzy you're basically clearing your spawns as fast as you can. After you have done that go back and heal if you have to and run over to your opponents side of the map. There you're looking to score a kill or steal a creeping spawn if possible other wise run over and grab their flag and bring it back home. You should be able to easily manage 1 flag run before each and every duel. If your in a comfortable winning position you can score a second flag grab by grabbing it just before the duel. If you scoring 2 flag runs every 4 minutes I can almost guarantee you that your going to win the game.

On team 1 you can place this build just about any where and do okay.
On team 2 You may want to run this either mid or bottom, Top will almost always have flying and blaze generally doesn't hit flying and you can't do much about it until you have the orb of range so its like taking a 100-300 gold pay cut depending on how unlucky you are.

Glittering Tiara
Boots of Speed
Magic Shield
Slippers of agility
Crown of Ages (On occasion you may want to flip this and fox to make for easier flag runs)
Typical Potion dance though they're entirely unneeded in pubs
Infused Cloak (Upgrade to Cloak of the Fox)
Basic Assassins Garb (Sell when you need inventory later)
Thiefs Mask
Mastery Ring
Totemic Set
Super Sonic Ring
Signet of the Wind God
And you get the idea...
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Inside the Fire
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