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 Dwarven it with a flare

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Blue Balls
Blue Balls

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PostSubject: Dwarven it with a flare   Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:05 pm

Dwarven Sniper

The Build
Mana Flare
Restore Mana
Demon Storm

Tentacles is our farmer so we main level it to farm. We take about 1 point of mana restore prior to level 8 and then another point around level 10. Mana flare is our off level skill but it is very useful to aid in farming as well in preventing ganks. They don't want to gank you if they may end up dying in the exchange. We take Demon Storm whenever it is available.

Why These Skills:
Have you ever seen a proper run Mana Flare build? It is devastating in team games and allow me to explain why. You got your tents up to provide you cover. You cast flare to provide vision of wind walkers. You cast Mana Flare which nobody really wants to be around. Except they can't keep the fight away from it because if they do your demon storm will kill them. They pretty much have to charge you which isn't easy with the slow and in results take a load of damage for their trouble.

Like I said before in duels this is really devastating. Provided your allies don't sit on their hands run in and do their thing your Demon Storm should deal a lot of damage. If they run to interrupt it they take damage from Mana Flare. Tents are an easy skill to farm with and Mana Restore allows you to spam Mana Flare all you want which helps keeps ganks off you. However with this hard to gank set up your not entirely safe from ganks or creep steals so do watch out. Your main weaknesses are AMS and Avatar.

How to Play:
Farm with Tents use Mana Flare to compliment them while farming and always use Restore Mana every time it is cooled down. In duels Cast tents a little in front of you hero or a nice choke point cast Mana Flare and let loose Demon Storm controlling it to be near opposing heroes and your job is done.

Glittering Tiara
Boots of Speed
Magic Shield
Slippers of agility
Crown of Ages
Typical Potion dance though they're entirely unneeded in pubs
Infused Cloak (Upgrade to Cloak of the Fox)
Basic Assassins Garb
Mastery Ring (Make sure to use the active while channeling Demon Storm)
Super Sonic Ring (Building into Ring of the Speed Demon)
Totemic Set
And you get the idea...

Here's a replay of the build in action just make sure to hit the download replay button on the link
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Brilliant Player
Brilliant Player

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PostSubject: Re: Dwarven it with a flare   Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:55 am

Tried this, worked pretty nice Very Happy

I also tried it using bash instead of mana restore, gave me some trouble in the early mana flare casting, but then was actually pretty cool.
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Dwarven it with a flare
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