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 Roar of the Gremlins

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PostSubject: Roar of the Gremlins   Wed Aug 01, 2012 3:48 pm

Fire Ward
Spirit Link
Battle Roar
Life Regeneration
Fury Infestation

Has really high starting mana which will allow you a couple of extra cast to hopefully get a level jump on your opponents. Level advantage is the key to success with this build.

Fire Ward should allow you to easily hit level 8 with this build should you be playing a 1 vs 1. In a 3 vs 3 with Priest's mana you will be able to cover spots your allies failed to and hit level 5 in spite of the afk retard on your team. This is mainly to be used in team games rather then 1 vs 1 but can be used to do so.

Spirit Link is there in case shit hits the wall and you need it generally I almost never use it. It synergies really well with your summons and battle roar with minimal points needed.

Battle Roar use this to buff your allies in the duels or your summons on the field. The regeneration and damage allows for some nice afk farming as well.

Life regeneration: Between this and battle roar you can stay out forever and farm to your hearts content.

Fury Infestation
These creeps are generally pretty weak but with battle roar they can pack a decent punch. The thing to note about these guys are they last forever and move pretty fast. I will get into why their speed makes them awesome a little later in this build.

Skill Order
Main level fire ward until you got about 3 points into it then proceed to main level battle roar. Take about 1 point of spirit link after you invested about 7 points into fire. Take Fury Infestation whenever possible.

Basic Mystics Cloak
Frost Orb (Can swap positions with cloak if your facing mainly melee opponents)
Crown of Ages
Cloak of the Hidden
Mainly theifs from here....

What to do
Use fire ward to farm and get to level 8 as fast as possible. Take a kill if your opponent makes a mistake or whatever but don't stress about ganking too much prior to level 8. When we hit level 8 the fun begins set your summons to control group 3 (Ctrl + Alt +3) Hit C head over to your opponent attack and grief them. We can use our summons to hover gank weak opponents by first cutting off their escape route and then having our summons attack them a little bit. You can either head there with your summons or proceed to farm as your summons scare them away from spawns or kills them either way its a win win. I really don't think I can explain the how to and do this build justice so download the replay in the link and watch what I'm doing to get a better idea. Try your best to keep your summons alive the longer they're out there the more panic they install and should they survive for you to get a second batch out and running they become a super imbalance ganking unit all by themselves with one group attacking and the other blocking your opponents will be cursing you out as they rage quit. click download replay. To see what I'm doing with this build.
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Roar of the Gremlins
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