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 Ladder Dreadlord

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Blue Balls
Blue Balls

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PostSubject: Ladder Dreadlord   Wed Jul 25, 2012 10:38 pm

Ladder Dread Lord

Demon Prince (The truth is this build can work on just about any hero in the game with slight build modifications of course)

Breath of Fire
Unholy Aura
Dread Ritual

Farming with Breath of Fire so main level it. Make sure to invest about 1 point into Sleep and then off level unholy aura. Always invest a point in Dread Ritual whenever it is available.

How It Works:
This build is almost a cookie cutter farmer. Sleep can be used to either escape or to gank. Essentially they come after you sleep and run away. You come after them they try to run you sleep get in a better position dread ritual nuke and finish them off for the kill. Sleep makes landing dread ritual easy and gives you time to regenerate that's how the build works.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Your a tank with a heal that can escape every gank and can gank yourself if you feel like it.
Same weakness as every other melee has kitting and debuffers however with sleep its not as bad of a problem and can be over come with a frost orb weapon. However should you come across poison sting + avatar well your screwed.

Item Build:
Basic Avengers Mail
Rod of Immortality
Spiked Gloves
The One Ring
Rod of Immortality
Shielding Staff
Rod of Immortality
Primarche's Scepter
Shielding Staff
& You get the idea

Players always talk about how intelligence are the noob class but honestly strength game play is so god damn easy and straight forward it isn't even funny. In other words get a rod of immortality any time your close to upgrading it buy another to keep your mana pool manageable. Don't upgrade your rod of immortality until you got a second one in your inventory. Follow this format and you never feel mana hungry with strength again.

Other crap yes you can replace the nuke with just about anything. Yes you can replace unholy aura with any other passive. Yes his cast times are horrible so you can play this build on any hero you wish. So good luck and have fun and own up.
Here's replay with this build in play. Yes its a pub smash and yes I'm saying yes way too much.

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OVER 900!!!
OVER 900!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Ladder Dreadlord   Wed Jul 25, 2012 10:44 pm

This is actually a ladder build that works.I would say the Unholy Aura is a good sub for Vamp Aura and Dread is a good sub for Inferno.But you could also use Shock-wave and Demon Spawn.

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Ladder Dreadlord
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