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 CHA Walk Through & Build

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Blue Balls
Blue Balls

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PostSubject: CHA Walk Through & Build   Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:09 am

Custom Hero Arena or CHA is a team game that can have up to 12 players playing at the same time. While you learn basic of CHA you should know that players often like to pin the blame for their loss on anyone rather then accepting that the other team as a whole bested them. Sometimes they will seek to get you kicked or flame you until you quit. It is important that you have a high morale and willpower to not succumb to the wishes of these idiots. Should you succumb to flaming or give in to their wishes of kicking "the noob" you fail and will be nothing more then a public star or I should say public disgrace.

Just my opinion not entirely related to the thread.

Custom Hero Arena Gaming options.
Generally you have two options v-bot (/f a v-bot) or wrathbot (/f a wrathbot) both of them host 3 vs 3 games. The difference between the two is the amount of admin's in control of them. V-bot has a much lower amount and maybe more desirable if you don't wish to be kicked because two admin's wish to 1 vs 1. However the wrathbot maybe more desirable on those slow to fill days/nights as its more likely to have somebody who can force start a game for you.

Basics of CHA

Where do I begin? CHA is basically 6 different games rolled into one with 12 options that can completely change how those games are played. So in truth you can say its possibly 72 types of games. However don't worry your head they're generally played the same with only slight differences in strategy. So as your sitting looking at a dark screen complaining about the wait have patience red has a lot on his plate to consider. However if you find yourself being red most players come to play normal CHA so when in doubt select normal and start game. Believe it or not that's usually what the pros do. When red is done picking his desired modes your now ready to build your hero. When building your hero it's important that you choose your skills wise picking 3 or more actives on a hero with below 2 intelligence growth isn't a good idea. Nor is trying to passively farm with a hero with low agility gain and low attack speed.

Walk through with build included. For this walk through we're assuming he picked normal with no add ons.
Are you new do you just want a build quick because you keep getting random builds? Understandable the following is to help get you started I'm not swearing by it but it should be easy to run and be very helpful to your team.

The Hero and Build

Game Play

That's the walk through any confusion feel free to ask questions.
Fixed it!

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You Got a Blue Star!
You Got a Blue Star!

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PostSubject: Re: CHA Walk Through & Build   Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:00 am

Is this incomplete or something wheres the build or the fucking walkthrough.
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OVER 900!!!
OVER 900!!!

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PostSubject: Re: CHA Walk Through & Build   Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:56 pm

Click the spoiler lines they will give you the rest of information.

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PostSubject: Re: CHA Walk Through & Build   

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CHA Walk Through & Build
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