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 Getting adapted into Revs2 by KOn

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Skilled Player

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PostSubject: Getting adapted into Revs2 by KOn   Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:41 pm

This is to those that are having a hard time switching from rev final to revs2, keep in mind that in this guide i assume you have basic knowledge about the game and is not a complete noob.

Major changes in the game:
Atk spd changes: Bonus agi (the + value beside your agility) no longer increases the attack speed of your hero, also, one base agility equals to 0.5%atk speed intead of 1% atk speed. However, all items that have agility bonus will give 50% of the agility value to atk speed.

AFK timer : No more afk farming archons, timer kicks when a player afk for about 3-4 mins.

Many new skills added: I will talk in depth about some of the skills that i have been using.

1. Sound wave: Works like a shockwave, but better in early level, its travel speed is instant unlike shockwave so the likelihood of missing your target will indeed decrease, also, it can silence your enemy from afar which is quite useful when your enemy are trying to use a disable on you or are running away. The mana cost though is a 10 mana higher each level compared to shockwave, but it is still an affordable farming skill for most heroes.

2. Spit Fire: A skill that really emphaize on your postitioning skills and hero control, you have about 10 chances to get your fire spilt on the creep, one simple trick of using it is to auto attack the creep you wanna kill before activtiating this skill, as casting it too early might scare the creep off since your not close enough to their attack range yet. Also, the fire can deal damage to enemy in a line, so try as best as you can to get them lined up, like when your using shockwave.

3. Holy attack: A skill that will not override orb effect, but the orb effect will disappear when this skill triggered. It is like a chance-based vamp attack that will not get purged and will give you a set amount of hp, so your damage will not matter. Leveling this to level 15 combined with max attack speed will make you unkillable. However this skill is very useless early game due to the lack of attack speed, consider this as a late game skill, never level it early.

4. Healing Ward: IMO a very OP healing skill if used properly, best to use it against melee since it will take them awhile to destroy it, and make sure you got a slow yourself. The ward have a very low cd and mana cost, either main leveling it or keeping it in around level 2 and 3 is often good enough to keep you on the field all day long. Try to combine in with skellies or goblin, you will find that they will become unkillable, not to mention when you also got puppet master Very Happy

5. Face of the Void: Jack of all trade, slow check, damage check, aoe check. A very good skill when you find yourself needing a mediocore slow and a double farmer, though the mana cost is a bit high, main leveling it is not recommdend due to the damage increases is not significant compared to other offensive farmer. Very good for chasing hero down, since the duration of the slow is quite long as well.

6. Frozen orb: One of the most powerful skill when used properly, the duration and the shooting range of the frozen orb is very short, so make sure when you are using this skill to farm you have to lure all creep on its travel path. Very weak against large number of summons due to lack of focus fire and each water bolt only deals little damage, however, if you managed to use it when there is only one enemy nearby, the enemy will get every single water bolt sprayed on his face. A very powerful 1v1 skill, almost instant kill and eats AMS if you can find a way to stun or slow your enemy, positioning is a must to master this skill. The mana cost however is not very user friendly, not recommdend to use for double farmer unless you will get mana steal as your defensive.

7. Land mines: A mediocore farming skill, low mana cost combined with low cd, as well as low damage. Not recommdend to main level it unless you got another skill that will assist you in farming. But it works well in pvp scene, as you can lure your enemies into it. However once your opponents got magic reduction, this skill gets old real fast. A more fun-oriented skill if you ask me.

8. Furry infestation: A nice ulti when you want to trap your opponents in and rape face especially in the recent update of the arena, where many choke points are available. However doesn't work well in farming due to low damage of the summons, but indeed a very fun skill, highly recommdend to get overpower aura when you really want to maximaze the use of this skill.

Hero Role: Due to the recent changes in attack speed, each hero really has its special role stands out.
Str: being the hero with highest hp, since every hero attacks slower now, a str hero can thus survive longer, meaning he can tank a lot of damage before going down.
Agi: Being the hero that will reach max atk speed the soonest, it gives them a dps role to fulfilll.
Int: Since most int items don't give that much attack speed bonus, perhaps its time to sit down and think how to focus more time on casting instead of auto-attacking, going passive might not be a good idea anymore.

Weapon Selection: Bonus atk speed for sword has been nerfed (50% to 30% for jagged) However, getting a sword is almost a must on every str hero now except you picked death strike or combat mastery as your skill because str and int have the slowest attack speed these days, and out of all str items, none of it will give a str critical attacks. PLus A bonus 50% atk speed really changes the tide of the battle. For agility heroes, it is your choice to go either staff or axe, if you want more damage, axe will be your choice. IF you want more hp and mana to farm, staff will be the best choice.

More coming soon... Comments are welcome
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Blue Balls
Blue Balls

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PostSubject: Re: Getting adapted into Revs2 by KOn   Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:23 pm pretty much has my comments I don't pick skills that often so I may not be the best judge of character on how to use skills.
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You Got a Blue Star!
You Got a Blue Star!

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PostSubject: Re: Getting adapted into Revs2 by KOn   Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:47 pm

The only change that took getting used to was not being able to drop shit on my hero at the last minute.
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PostSubject: Re: Getting adapted into Revs2 by KOn   

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Getting adapted into Revs2 by KOn
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