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 Share an Essay with a Friend!

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Blue Balls
Blue Balls

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PostSubject: Re: Share an Essay with a Friend!   Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:32 am

How about not talking about Bieber at all, that would be a healthy continuance.
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You Got a Blue Star!
You Got a Blue Star!

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PostSubject: Re: Share an Essay with a Friend!   Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:37 pm

if theres one good thing beiber did though, its get rid of those fregging jabronis brothers
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Ohh Captain our Captain
Ohh Captain our Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Share an Essay with a Friend!   Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:46 pm

This one is for Wrath:

Creative Writing

Opening the door to this house the first thing to be realized is the scent; the familiar scent of fresh pine. This building gives off the feeling that you are still outside in nature. It is about the same temperature in the house as it is outside; and when the wind blows, you can feel a slight breeze through the walls which once again stirs up the scent of pine again. In the center of the main room there is a large make-shift table with many pencil scribbles on it and a thick coat of dust, though the table seems to be used quite often. The pale white walls have tacky lines running down them. All over the floor, is a powdery substance that resembled Talc. Maybe the people who live here have a messy baby? The lighting is poor in this house, dependent on the weather really; unless someone brings their own light in.
Towards the left end of the house there are two matching bedrooms on either side of a short, narrow hallway. You can feel the cool wind blown in from under the crack of the door. On the two far walls there are window openings, but no window. The rough, jaggedly cut drywall peeks up, over the edge of the sill. These walls, like the walls in the main room, have tacky lines running down them, every 4 feet or so, though these lines are much rougher in appearance. There is a closet in the corner, almost empty and lacking a door. The few contents of the closet lie within a pile of tools scattered across the floor, near the opening.
The adjacent bedroom is similar to this one, except lacking a few key things. There is no door in the doorway if this bedroom! There are large, white bails stacked on the other side of this room, some of them cut open. The walls are pink in this room, rather than white like the rest of the house, and they have a fluffy, cotton-like texture that you would want to rub your face on, if not for the warding in you heart. Maybe this will be a girls room? Up on the ceiling, you can see bare wires dangling down; stripped bare on the ends and bent apart in 3 directions. Maybe this is baby girls room? The owners could dangle things from those hooks to attract the baby’s attention.
Back in the main room, heading towards the other side of the house, there is what would appear to be a closet with just a thin piece of wood as the flooring. The back of this hallway tapers down, as if there might be a hidden path through the floor. However, that thin board doesn't look safe enough to walk on; you might fall through it and wind up back outside! It could be a safe room, in case they are attacked by a burglar!
To the right is a great open room, with counters, outlets, many holes in the walls, with more bare wires sticking through. There is an L-shaped counter system, although there is no counter top on it. This room gives off the feeling of emptiness, as if there are so many more things meant to be in here that aren't. The things that are in this room don't look like they belong though. There is a large salamander in the middle of the room that is still warm, piles of small hand tools scattered around the floor near the counter, and a large radio balanced on 2 rungs of the counter top system.
Past that room is a smaller room. Upon entering it you are overwhelmed with a sour scent, reminding you of glue. There are large buckets on the floor, and flat knives lying around. These walls, like the others are pale white; although the tacky lines running down them are wet! There is a bathtub in the corner; but there is no faucet, only a circular hole on the wall. Peaking into the hole you will see a series of copper pipes. Next to the tub is a toilet with no water in it; and a sink, which like many other things in the house, is covered in small hand tools.
When leaving the house, if you turn to look back at it you will realize a few things. First, that the house is raised up off the ground on a pile of cement blocks. Second, the walls of this house have something written on them, "TYVEK." And third, that this house is located in a large, vacant lot. What an odd family must live in this house!

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PostSubject: Re: Share an Essay with a Friend!   

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Share an Essay with a Friend!
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